Geographic Writing

One of main area of Victor’s writing over the years has been reportage on geographic subjects. Many of these articles entailed research and travel at the frontiers of civilization, particularly in Asia, where Victor travelled to many remote, frontier regions on assignment. A selection of previously-published articles can be read by clicking on any of the links below.

Where the river goes down

In this geographical essay, the author recounts his sojourn with a tribe of people who live in caves in a remote crater – the author ate like them and slept with them in the caves. And he came out alive, unlike others before him. 

Struggle for heart of Borneo

The mountains at the centre of Borneo offer some of the richest tracts of tropical forest in Southeast Asia, but attempts to develop a tourist industry centred on trekking and forest-living are threatened by logging.

Secrets of the Death Jars

In remote forests that surround the Plain of Jars in Laos, the author reports on the recently-discovered clusters of megalithic stone jars and villages of outlandish tribes who worship spirits that inhabit the mountains.

Ancient Masters of the Sahara

Recent archeological excavations have discovered that the ancient Garamantes kingdom in the central Sahara Desert was much more powerful than previously thought – the author reports from the heart of the Sahara.

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