Thirty years of writing

In thirty years of writing, Victor has had more than two million words published. In this section, which serves as a portfolio that introduces his writing track record, you can find a selection of previously-published articles in the genres of travel, geography, essays, and food that were published in some of the leading publications around the word.

The selections of previously published articles appear under three categories – travel, geography, food. 

Victor also does investigative journalism, but that is covered in its dedicated website under the motto of Journalism Plus.

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Geographic Writing

Victor particularly reported on nature and peoples at the geographic frontiers – human and natural - during many years living in Asia.

Travel Writing

In this genre, Victor did a range of work, most of which took the form of well-researched features, and rarely first-person travel pieces.

Food Writing

Victor indulged his passion for cooking and the culture of food by doing regular articles about food – once again, these usually took the form of well-researched pieces.

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