Photoshop Course

It is said that Photoshop is so vast – and constantly expanding – that it would take years of practice to master all its functions. Yet Photoshop is also fun, and it can be simple and personal: you can create personal memorable media such as composite postcards, greeting cards, photo albums and so on by having a basic understanding of its core functions (selections, layers, adjustments, text blocks and masks) that can be gleaned in a couple of hours of teaching and a day or two of practice.

Victor teaches Photoshop to people whose needs vary – whether its those who like to take their photography and design prowess to the next level, or those who like to design graphic elements with Photoshop (these could be for personal reasons, or wider reasons – for example, graphic materials for work, for NGOs, or for building websites).

Proficiency of students also vary: students who are already a bit familiar with Photoshop will find the course as useful as complete beginners.

In 40 hours of teaching, Victor takes students on something of a journey starting from beginner to advanced level. The course delivers knowhow in anything from simple post-processing of RAW images to advanced design elements. By the end of the course, students would be able to create complex graphic manifestations and do all kinds of editing of pictures in a convincing, creative, and realistic manner.

Lessons deliver a wide range of knowhow through practical demonstration, and then students get to practice what was learned in class through assignments.

Assignments and practice are a crucial part of the journey to be able to remember how to do things with Photoshop as learned during the course.

Image by Lars Nissen from Pixabay

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