The Photoshop Course

Click on the box at the bottom of this page to open an interactive booklet – the booklet explains the scope of the course, lays out class-by-class syllabus, and has a showcase section in which some of the techniques taught during the course, and things created, are showcased.

The booklet gives a detailed account of the course, and I will refrain from repeating what is in the booklet’s course description on this page, but will simply point out some things not in the booklet:

  • Fee for entire course is €89, making this the best-value-for-money course in Photoshop available – that works at around €1.50 per hour of online, interactive teaching live. The structure of payment is that €50 are paid at the beginning of the course, and the rest by not later than the middle of the course.
  • Those whose understanding of photography concepts is limited can have optional addon lessons in photography. These would cost €12 per hour if it is one-to-one tutoring, and proportionally less per student if it is more than one partaking. Certain concepts are evident in the Photoshop course itself – this including understanding of ISO, sharpening, contrast, tones and dynamic range and so on, so any addon photography lessons would only amount to a few hours.
  • The course is structured in a way to enable students to start doing things with Photoshop after the fifth lesson, and then become progressively more advanced as the teaching expands and deepens the skillset. This is part of the hands-on orientation of the course, allowing students to start doing things with Photoshop early on.
  • Although the showcase in the booklet obviously features the more showy or dramatic creations, a substantial part of the course is focused on teaching an ability to work with Photoshop, and to post process pictures (shot in RAW) and do more with pictures.